How To Be More Interesting

In order to write or create interesting things, you have to BE interesting.

Trying to come up with exciting content or to make your content more interesting is hard to do if you are sitting in your house or your office and living a boring life.

That may sound harsh, but the truth is that people want to read about others who are doing the things that they want to do. Who are living a life that is inspiring and engaging.

I have a background in experiential education, and I believe that experiences teach us things at a defect level. They help us to grow, they expand our knowledge of the world around us and challenge us to figure out how we fit into it.

New experiences take us out of our comfort zone, challenge our options, change our perspective. New experiences open doors for new ideas for things to write about and share with others. It is great for opening up your mind and igniting a new voice with which to share your message and expertise.

I want to challenge you to BE interesting.

And that means trying new things. Get out! Do something fun.

When was the last time you tried something new? Did something challenging that made someone else say "Wow!"

You do not have to leave the country or even your town to create new, meaningful experiences. There are a multitude of opportunities just waiting for you if you are ready to find them. Go somewhere new. Meet someone new. Eat something new. Anything!

And if you keep your mind open, you will certainly learn something new.

Then share it!

That's what gives you great stories to weave into your content. It brings a personal side to what you are sharing. It makes you more interesting!

Look around at the experiences you are already having. If they are not very compelling, get out there and have some new experiences! Then figure out how to share them in your content.

I'm already interested to see what you will share!

Source by Sarah Schwab

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