The Fundamentals of PPC and Google AdWords

For those who do not know, AdWords is a site set up by Google in order to help people in need of advertising. It mainly deals with getting a business or site more widely known without the advertiser resorting to spamming. It places the ad on sites with AdSense as well as Google and people click on them, sending them to your site.

Like most advertising, there is a payment option for impressions. Every thousand times an ad appears, you pay from US $ 0.25. You pay only for the impressions you want and, when it runs out, you can choose to refill them or stop.

Google AdWords Has a special feature. Instead of paying per impression, the advertising cost may be pay per click. You only have to pay for when an ad is clicked. This is great if you are not sure if people will look at your ad or click on it. The cost per click is from one cent.

The advantage of buying impressions is that you can generate more visitors with a good ad. It requires work to create an ad that will catch the eye and convince people to click, but it will save money in the end if you do it right.

On the other hand, Pay per click guarantees visitors. If somebody clicks, you pay. If not, you do not pay. This is the right choice if you are looking for visitors but do not want luck to be a factor in your advertising.

There is a minimum payment of ten dollars if you are paying in advance and an activation fee of five, but if you can afford that, you will benefit from Google AdWords, especially if your site has low traffic and you need more visitors. Debit cards are accepted in prepay as well as most credit cards. The only main difference in what is accepted in postpay is that debit cards are not accepted and bank account payments are.

AdWords reaches people who use Google as well as any site that uses AdSense, so your ad will literally be on hundreds if not thousands of sites, one of which has thousands if not millions of hits a day (Google). People will know about your site. As long as you do not make it sound like some get rich quick scheme, you will get visitors.

Google AdWords exists to help those businesses who need to be known. Help yourself.

Source by Tim R Cooper

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