Working Capital – The Life Blood of Business

Successful business drives on smooth cash flow. This is no jargon but a simple truth oft repeated and realized by the financial managers around. The top priority of any small business is to stay solvent and ensure the availability of adequate working capital. This is utilized for the payment of rent, payroll, and other operating costs as is involved in the various stages of production and services. Irrespective of the success of any business, there is always a possibility of scarcity of funds on account of some unexpected circumstances. Herein arises the need for securing adequate fund to manage all your business obligations and provide sufficient financial security for the future as well.

Lack of adequate expendable cash makes it difficult for an organization to meet day-to-day expenses. Since businesses always run the risk of unexpected expenses, it becomes even more important to secure some fund in order to avoid unpleasant circumstances. Such phases of financial setbacks can be eliminated by availing the benefit of this type of advance.

The quantity of it required for a business varies with its nature. The needs and circumstances of organizations also differ from each other. In quite a number of cases, current liabilities can be deducted from current assets to figure out the amount needed. In an effort to remain solvent, organizations are always on the look out for a positive working capital. Every company needs to manage its working capital well so as to reduce the burden of borrowing. Not just for small businesses, even large organizations need proper management so as to ensure better returns on investment.

An advance helps the business to continue its operations. The advanced sum can be repaid through future credit card receivables. Since the money is repaid through future credit card receivables, there is no fixed reimbursement schedule. Availing them is easier as no personal guarantee and collateral is required. One of the greatest advantages of availing them is the absence of any penalty for delayed reimbursement of the sum. This is very beneficial indeed for businessmen who are passing through a lean phase in their career.

This advance, then makes business operation run smoothly. Be it for construction, leasehold improvements, or renovation; purchase of machinery or equipment; down payment for the purchase of real estate, working capital allows you to invest your money in your desired business. However, the success of an organization would be judged by the surplus invested to generate returns. In other words, it serves as the parameter to judge the cash flow of a company.

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